Monday, December 21, 2009

Ludwig Friendley

Well as some of you know I haven't been coming around these parts lately. See, I've been side tracked I must confess to where even my reading has taken a hit. I have been putting together my sons family tree. A hefty challenge since much of my wifes family are unfamiliar to us. To quote my grandfather, "Well if at first you fail get back on that bike before I kick your f***ing ass." Well he didn't say that but if you knew him you would know it sounds just like him.

Upon researching my wifes geneology I found interesting things. On her fathers side it starts with Ludwig Friendley born in 1725 in Pennsylvania. Her grandmothers side are mostly from England and planted themselves in Utah, and many of them were mormon. Her grandfathers side was full of farmers, tanners, and such from Kansas. There was however a Viola C Berry who is my wifes great great great grandmother. Her father was Ludwig Friendley and one record shows Ludwig Friendley as being George Washingtons bodyguard (so to speak) for six years during the revolutionary war. I have to do some searching to double confirm this claim, but given what I've been able to confirm up to this point has been factual. We shall see, and we may never truly know. I would love to be able to tell my son that his distant relatives job was to help general Washington though. I know God calls all men but it can't hurt knowing you have men of courage and integrity in your geneology. It's a confidence thing.

Some of my sons relatives (Ludwigs children and grandchildren) look like they set up a church as well. Now I have to tell you I almost totally abandoned this project based on what I was learning from my side of the family. Lots of drunks and scam artists. My great uncle Odean pushed his sister Elaina out a two story window just because he wanted to. She developed seizures from it and later died at the age of 35 from having a seizure in bed. Her head got caught in the bars and she broke her neck. My great uncle Odean also helped my great aunt Opal hang herself in a cemetary bathroom. She had cancer from what I hear and wanted to end it. Odean was promised money if he helped her. My great uncle Norman was said to have robed a couple of banks. My great aunt Alys was a Jehovah Witness at one point but also a Quaker. She charmed snakes in some of her religious practices. During world war 2 Alys was in Europe and went blind. She was in Greece and told my mother that she saw something so horrible that she developed hysterical blindness and never saw again.

Getting back to Odean!!! This guy was a true scam artist. He used to pretend to preach the word of God I was told to rob people of their money. A couple of his sons were murdered early in life as well. My mothers cousin Patricia told me, "You could see the devil in his eyes. He was pure evil." My great grandmother Hannah called my aunt mary (her grandaughter) to take her to the hospital after Odean did something to her when she wouldn't give him money. My great uncle Robert (whom they called mud turtle) once got so mad he picked up a shot gun and started firing through the floor when he knew the family was below. He was called mud turtle because if you visited the bars in Sterns Minnesota you would eventually find a drunk named mud turtle. My grandfather was the sane one and he beat his children with crow bars. My family for the most part are a long line of trailor trash straight out of Norway. Things look more promising from my grandmothers side. I'm traveling down that road next but from what I have so far is great. Real God fearing and great people.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Greg Oden

Now I usually stay away from blogging about sports figures and such. There are way too many people doing it, and most of them can do it better than I can. However, I have to say I feel for this kid Greg Oden. He is a seven foot center drafted number one by the Portland Trailblazers in June 2007. His rookie season ended with an ACL injury after he fell off the couch (or so I heard). His second season was spent mostly learning the NBA game and getting his form back. His third season started with great promise and then.........

He went up to block a shot by Aaron Brooks and broke with patella (thats the knee folks). He is now out for yet another season. That means three years in the league with one season played. I feel bad for this young over payed athlete. Why? Because he actually seems like a nice kid, and he genuinely wants to represent the city of Portland Oregon well. He's not all about himself. When he was initially injured in 2007 he lamented to the Trailblazer staff and the fans about how sorry he was. He wanted to live up to the expectations set before him as the number one pick. Sadly, I don't know if that is going to happen. When someone gets multiple injuries as he has it can mean they are prone to them. For his sake I hope thats not the case. To be honest I'm more concerned about the kids spiritual journey through life than I am his NBA game. Even as a basketball fan I put people over sports as any sane person should.

I'm going to say a prayer for Greg Oden tonight. Not for his NBA career but for his spiritual relationship with God. If he doesn't have one I can't think of a better time than the present for him to connect with God. Either way if this kid is going to have a lot of negative media, and having a solid relationship with God would be a good place for him to start (if he hasnt' already).

We should all say a prayer for others we know lost in this world. Everyone needs God.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting week

I want my free propaganda health care

I was watching the propaganda box the other day (also known as the television set). Very interesting conversation came up on health care. They were discussing the current health care bill and how it would demand that: A) Everyone gets health care, and B) No one can be denied insurance based on preexisting conditions. So in other words insurance companies have to cover everything regardless who, what or why. Sounds nice right?

Does anyone remember the housing bubble? Ya know when they forced the banks to give loans to people who couldn't pay the mortgage. Oh except this time the bubble will be much bigger and will bankrupt all the health care providers. Of course next comes the bailouts which is just a fancy word for government ceasing control of them. Am I the only one who sees this?

Hmmmm gotta get that swine flu vaccine

A dear friend of mine was set to get married this next year. His fiancee not wanting to get sick due to underlying conditions got the flu mist for H1N1 swine flu. According to my friend she told the health care provider about her condition and they opted to give her the live virus due to vaccine shortages. Well two days later she ended up in the Emergency Room on a ventilator. She died the same day. Reports showed that she had a bacterial infection that had weakened her immune system prior to getting the live attenuated (weakened) swine flu virus. Her body couldn't handle it and it killed her. According to my friend this is from the report. He also stated that the health care worker was informed of her condition but chose to give the live virus anyway. A recent article reported elderly people especially were making trips to the Emergency Room after getting the swine flu mist. This can't be the only example out there. But how many will we hear about?

$50 Dollar Washer

My wife being the frugal soul that she is found a fifty dollar washer on Craigs list. Now let me start by saying I HATE CRAIGS LIST. I have for a long long time and unlike her I'm not fond of it at all. My wife set up a time for a washer to be dropped off. OK, first off I don't like strangers coming to my house from CRAIGS LIST, and who sells a washer for fifty dollars. Not wanting to argue with my wife I acquiesced and figure I'll test it first. They showed up, dropped it off, the phone rings (my wife set up another appointment to pick up our tred mill she wanted rid of). I went in got the phone cut it short said, "Ya get her by." Came back out and dudes were gone. Along with my old washer (which was broken and I said they could have as long as the new one worked). Well they were gone and the new washer works worse than the old one. I spent the next two hours cleaning water off the floor from the washer tsunami that followed. Now you might be thinking, "It's your own fault." And yes to a degree you would be right. I allowed my wife to do this over my best judgement. I allowed her to set up two appointments at once which ended up screwing me in the end, and I allowed these guys to take our old washer trying to save myself from listening to my wife bitch about getting rid of it. You don't get something for nothing and I knew better. However, what these guys did is not right and I can only hope that they will change or be properly punished at a later date. By the way I was so pissed I slept on the couch. I hate being had and I do a pretty good job of not getting myself into those situations. Now I just need to get my wife to do the same. At the end of the day I'm the man of the house so its my fault.


Gold is reporting to be worth $1100 an ounce right now. I could have gotten it for $250 an ounce seven years ago when I was looking at it. We were going to nursing school so it wasn't a good time. I did purchase some for $750 an ounce a little over a year ago. Gold is expected to raise even more in the future. Why am I still not allowed to buy it?

This ends my week. Ahhhhhh

Monday, November 2, 2009

I got most of the following from this site
**This doesn't mean I agree with them all the time. I actually disagreed with this teaching until my own study and looking at the results of those who went down this road. So this is just a FYI that there are alternative views (with some being stronger than others) to many of the passages you quoted above. Even if you don't believe the validity of these statements being aware of them is good. I highly suggest reading the article above. I did not learn this teaching from these people as I came to it previously. (I will put my own quotes with **) **

Isaiah 26:19 (ESV)Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy! For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead.
John 3:13 (ESV)No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man

Do Christians go to Heaven if they die?
Difficult Scriptures Explained
[This article was taken from chapter 7 of our book Is There Death After Life?]
A vital principle of Bible interpretation that must be upheld in handling any subject in God’s Word is that any verses that are harder to understand must be analyzed in light of clear verses on the same subject. “Clear” verses are not just those that agree with one’s theological position. They are those that seem to be straightforward and literal statements of fact. Figurative expressions that seem to be contradictory can best be handled after the literal, factual position is determined. The Bible should be accepted literally whenever possible. When verses seem to contradict previously established facts, one is justified in exploring other possible meanings that are consistent with the whole Bible.
We have laid the solid biblical foundation that death is the total absence of life, that there is no part of a person (either “soul” or “spirit”) that “goes to heaven” when he dies and that the dead are actually dead and “sleeping” in “gravedom” until Christ’s appearing. We now turn our attention to some sections of Scripture commonly misconstrued to indicate otherwise. Let us remember that they must harmonize with those parts of God’s Word that we have already examined.

1 Samuel 28 (The woman of Endor)
As previously noted in Chapter One, 1 Samuel 28 describes the woman of Endor conjuring up “Samuel” from the dead for King Saul. It is important to note Saul’s original request: “Seek me a woman that has a familiar spirit” (1 Sam. 28:7). The context, specifically verses 7-9, along with other Old Testament verses already cited, shows that she did, in fact, perform this spiritual phenomenon through “familiar spirits.” These were evil spirits that manipulated her and impersonated Samuel, with whom they were “familiar.”
A key to understanding this record in Chapter 28 is in verse 13.
1 Samuel 28:12 and 13(12) And when the woman saw Samuel, she cried with a loud voice, and the woman spake to Saul, saying, Why hast thou deceived me? for thou art Saul.(13) And the king said unto her, Be not afraid: for what sawest thou? And the woman said unto Saul, I saw gods ascending out of the earth.
In verse 13, the Hebrew word for “gods” is elohim, a word used in various ways in the Old Testament. Here it refers to an evil spirit that the woman saw, one that was impersonating Samuel. In verses 12-20, God’s Word reports this incident as the participants perceived it, and refers to this spirit as “Samuel.”
What “Samuel” (the familiar spirit) told Saul was not from the Lord, for 1 Samuel 28:6 says that God did not answer Saul at all. Only when Saul went to a woman who dealt with familiar spirits did he get an answer, but that answer was not from God. In fact, Saul’s going to the woman at Endor partly contributed to his death.
1 Chronicles 10:13So Saul died from his transgression which he committed against the Lord, even against the word of the Lord, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it.
This conjuring up of familiar spirits is the same method used today for “communicating with the dead,” by which some find false and misleading comfort. The results can be as devastating as they were for Saul.
Matthew 17:1-9 (The Mount of Transfiguration)
Matthew 17:1-9 describes a scene at what is called “the Mount of Transfiguration,” where Jesus conversed with Moses and Elijah. God was preparing Jesus for the challenge of his upcoming suffering. This scene was not a literal reality, but what Jesus plainly said was a “vision.”
Matthew 17:9And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.
Biblically, a vision is a spiritual phenomenon in which God causes something to appear to a person, either in his mind’s eye or to his physical eyes. (Some Scriptural examples are 2 Kings 6:17; Acts 10:9-20; 2 Cor. 12:1-4.)
Being a vision, it in no way means that Moses and Elijah made a special guest appearance from heaven where they had been hanging around since leaving earth. To be consistent with the biblical evidence, including Jesus’ statement that no man but he “hath ascended up to heaven” (John 3:13), the same must be said of Moses and Elijah as was said of David in Acts 2:34—they are not “ascended into the heavens.”
**Now the above I have some issues with. It could be a vision or it might not be. I'm not totally convinced of their argument. That being said I'm not willing to totally discredit it either.**
Matthew 22:23-32 (God is the God of the living)
In Matthew 22:32, Jesus said that “God is not the God of the dead but of the living.” Some teach that this verse means that there are really no dead as far as God is concerned. The text more accurately reads, “God is not the God of dead people, but of living people.” As we have seen, “dead people” will become “living people” only when Jesus Christ comes to resurrect them.
In fact, the context surrounding this verse emphasizes the resurrection (see verses 23,28,30), when all shall be made alive.
Matthew 22:31 and 32(31) But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying,(32) I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.
God is not the God of dead people, because as Psalm 115:17 indicated, the dead cannot praise God, and Ecclesiastes showed that the dead cannot do anything for Him. They are, however, still in the mind of God, and at the resurrection, they will be made living people again, and He will again be their God.
Two verses in Romans go hand-in-hand with Matthew 22:32, and also indicate that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who will raise the dead.
Romans 14:8 and 9(8) For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.(9) For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.
** Should you just accept this? Heck no!!! I didn't. You may come to a different conclusion. However, as I said previously you should at least look at it. If it makes sense to some degree your better off for it. If you can totally disprove it than your still better off for it. I researched this about 8 to 10 years ago. I need a refresher as well as my conversation with you here showed me just how rusty on this topic I am. God Bless you my friend. This will be my last post here as it's profit for us and others reading this I feel has come to an end. I did enjoy this and your points did not fall on deaf ears

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alex Jones "Fall Of The Republic."

Alex Jones Fall of The Republic is the best documentary on this subject matter I have seen. What makes it so compelling is that he allows the internationalists to speak for themselves through video clips. He has articulate scholars from economics, climatology, and others speak on their area of expertise. The production and editing are outstanding, and Alex Jones speaks to his audience in an interview style that sheds furter light on what others have stated.

What makes this film so different from others he has produced is that he allows others to dominate. Alex has always been a passionate speaker and gifted film maker. However, by allowing others to dominate this film he has created fact machine that will prove next to impossible for anyone seeking truth to find fault with. If you really want to understand what is happening in the world minus the spin from the talking heads on television, watch this film. 5 stars hands down.

P.S. You can watch this for free on you tube like I did if you so desire.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

vaccines, Sherri J Tenpenny

The presentation of this DVD was very much like going back to nursing school: very dry, and informative. I wish I would have had this video when I wrote my last paper in nursing school on vaccines. At the time I gave them a glowing recommendation. However, having been in the field a few years, and having done a little more research I can't give them a the 100% recommendation I gave before. The amount of information from the pro and anti vaccination camps can be confusing to anyone. I can't tell you (nor should I) what is best for you and your family. What I can tell you is that you have to do your own research and check every fact. Remember, all healthcare decisons need to be an informed decision. One can only do this when they hear the benefits vs. the risks of any decision. I personally read all the handouts I had available to me at the clinic I worked at. Needless to say I was not impressed by them. I found them grossly incomplete when listing potential risks. If your considering whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate you need to make an informed decision. This DVD is a good place to start. However, you really do need to obtain information from both sides. Then and only then can you truly make an informed decision. Please do your research.

As a side note I brought my child in to get his 12 month child check. The clinic I went to just wanted me to sign a form getting the vaccinations (a limited amount of vaccines as a compromise between my wife and myself). No handouts, no benefits vs. risks. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Even though I feel the information sheets are grossly inadequate the healthcare providers office should allow you to read them and ask questions, and this should be done prior to vaccination.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

IRS to implement Federal Health Care?

Above is a link to an excellent article on how national health care would be implemented via the IRS. That should scare anyone! Below is my comment to this article as featured on my facebook page (I commented on the link I posted to the article). I hope you will take the time to read this article.

I don't want expensive health care costs, and I certainly don't want anyone going broke to try to pay for their own health. However, one must remember that the government helped increase those health care costs. You don't hire the mob to decrease violence in your city, and you don't trust the government to solve the health care crisis they helped create in the first place.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your kiddin me!!!


The state of Hawaii just passed a law that makes it illegal to have body odor. You can be fined or put in jail. Good to know that a pedophile can get out in three weeks but B.O. will get you extended jail time. Nice...

Don't change your mind

My wife went to her dental appointment today. The dental assistant told her a story. She was turning into a local grocery store. She turned into the parking lot, saw that it was packed, and decided to come back the next day. She pulled out onto the street. She was immediately pulled over by THE LAW... Police officer: "Mam, do you know why I pulled you over?" Dental Assistant: "No." Police Officer: "You pulled into that parking lot without shopping. That's trespassing." She was given a $249.00 dollar ticket. Nice....

Only if your credit sucks

My wife and I have been trying to obtain a loan for an addition/renovation on our house. Nope!!! They are still giving out loans to NEW FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS but not to two individuals with credit scores above 750. We have never had a late payment and have an impeccable record of showing responsibility. However, suspect first time home buyers are welcome.... Nice to see we learned our lesson from the last housing disaster.

Monday, August 31, 2009

fast food vaccines

Fast Food Vaccines

OK, so I took my son to the doctor for his one year check up. Lo and behol d first thing I got from the medical assistant was a vaccine consent. Not any information on the vaccines, no education, just "sign here please." I than saw her fill out ALL the vaccines she wanted to inject into my son.

Now my wife and I had agreed that I would concede to some vaccines if she would allow me to have some given at a later date. I would prefer not to give any but my wife won't look at the other side of the debate and insists. And to be honest when your married everything is a debate and a compromise. ANyway, I refused the MMR and varicella. She (the medical assistant) asked why. I said, "well I'm really not that into having my son injected with vaccines cultured in cloned aborted fetal lung tissue." Her response, "I don't think that's true." At this point I had to pull rank (something I don't like to do since I've met many highly educated yet profoundly stupid people). I stated, "Well I'm a nurse and not only did my nursing instructor provide me with this information in school it is also well documented. You can call Merck and play phone tag for with them for 8 hours if you like for them to finally admit that fact." She took the paper I signed without those vaccines added.

However, I find it very strange that I wasn't offered the governments propaganda pages (also known as vaccination fact sheets from the CDC) prior to signing the consent. Granted, I've already read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.... I know their total propaganda but still she should have offered it.


Early this week I was discussing with another nurse the up coming flu season. She is an independent thinker, and not one who buys into the government propaganda machine. She informed me that the state in which I work (oregon) is trying to make this years swine flu vaccine compulsory for all healthcare staff. Anyone who has researched the swine flu vaccine of 1976 knows the vaccine killed more people than the virus. Even CBS did a special on it for God sake. In case your not familiar with it the gods of vaccines trailed they original swine flu vaccine and started giving it to the public. However, they quickly switched to a new (and untested ) vaccine after first initiating them. What happened? Well people started having neurological symptoms, ya know, legs not working and such. Sound fun?

Now I'm not telling anyone to get or not to get your vaccines. Do your own research and use your brain. There is plenty of conflicting information out there. So it will take some research on your part. In the end you have to ask yourself if you trust those who make almost nothing financially from vaccines or other products or those who get rich on them.


Now I have received flu vaccines in the past. My mother told me in 1976 I was immunized with the swine flu vaccine, and as she put it, " you almost didn't make it." Even after hearing that I originally drank the vaccine cool aid when in nursing school. I got my flu shots, and updated all my immunizations. I began working as a nurse my first year out of school and like most good littel nurses lined up for my vaccine. Well less than two weeks after getting it I started losing function in my legs, migraines, and I had to go to one knee twice because I couldn't keep my balance. I thought it was fatigue from night shift. So I switched to days. I got better and I forgot about it. Next year came around and I got my flu shot again. Well, my legs started giving out. I COULDN"T HOLD MY OWN WEIGHT... I even lost all strength in one of my legs for a moment, and it buckled on me. I caught myself but I almost hit the deck. That was it for me. Didn't get one last year and don't plan on getting one ever again.


My final year in school I did a report on vaccines. A ten page report to be exact. I read numerous articles on the subject and my conclusion was in support of vaccines. My main purpose in writing a pro vaccine report were three fold: 1) I wanted to pass and I knew I would have to defend an anti vaccination position much more thoroughly. 2) My school had almost no articles from the other side. All in favor and almost none against. The ones that were in opposition were very old and wouldn't qualify as the basis of my argument. 3) I was tired and lazy at the end of two very stressful years.

I really wish I could have that report back. It read like a propaganda piece for the Big Pharma lobby. Don't get me wrong when I have to write a technical paper I can do it. Anyone reading my blog bits knows i'm a laid back writer, and I take certain liberties with grammer and punctuation (aka screw proof reading). However, when asked to write a technical paper Im quite capable. So I've put more heart into this blog but my propaganda piece would sway more people. Why am I like this? Probably because no one but close friends read this, and I honestly feel the truth speaks for itself. If someone really wants to know the truth they can find it. If one really wants to know the truth they will do their own research. Propaganda just doesn't hold up well against research and a well educated individual. In the end my paper was read by an individual who already had made up their mind. No one else. My paper now resides as dust. I burned the SOB.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Kinsey Syndrome.

The kinsey syndrome reveals the true nature of Dr. Alfred Kinseys research and his compulsive addictions for anything and everything vile. I could go on at length about how he paid pedophiles to rape children and time it with a stop watch. I could go on at length about how he interviewed hookers, pimps, pedophiles, and other sexually deviant prisoners and passed it off as the normal male/female populations in his books. I might even write a blog bit in the future about how Kinsey went state to state and convinced them that pedophiles are not likely to reoffend, and convinced many states to relax their pedophile laws. Ever wonder how a pedophile can get a few weeks and probation but a lesser crime will get three years?

If I really wanted to I could tell you in great detail about Kinseys connection to Allister Crowley, or how he was working with a Nazi commander to document and report back his how many times he molested (and sometimes killed) innocent children. A german court convicted this man after world war two and revealed his letters with Kinsey. Oh did I mention how Kinseys supposed research influenced Playboy and Penthouse? Did I mention that both those magazines have cartoons of under age girls and boys having sex and liking it? Did I mention that the creater of the "Chester the Molester" cartoons in Penthouse was actually acting out his cartoons on his daughter (he was later convicted)?

The documentary even reveals how one of Kinseys disciples opened a school in San Francisco on sexuality that instructed catholic priests prior to all those sex scandals. The Kinsey Syndrome is one of the most informative films I have ever seen. I appreciate the heart of the people who made this film to expose this mad man and show the destruction he's done to our society. However, I would be lying if I didn't say there is a part of me that wishes I had never seen this. I am not ashamed to admit that I felt real anger and cried real tears while watching this. It is that disturbing. Five stars hands down.

Oh did I mention the Rockafeller foundation paid for his research.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goals for American Takeover

Communist Goals for American Takeover
A myspace friend posted this. I've read this book, and it is quite good. This is a good post. Please read it.

Communist Goals for American Takeover

Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record--Appendix, pp.A34-A35 January 10, 1963Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR.OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963Mr. HERLONG. Mr. Speaker, Mrs. Patricia Nordman of De Land, Fla., is an ardent and articulate opponent of communism, and until recently published the De Land Courier, which she dedicated to the purpose of alerting the public to the dangers of communism in America.

At Mrs.Nordman's request, I include in the RECORD, under unanimous consent, the following "Current Communist Goals," which she identifies as an excerpt from "The Naked Communist," by Cleon Skousen: [From "The Naked Communist," by Cleon Skousen]....
1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.
3.Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.
4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.
6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.
8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev's promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N...
9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.
10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.
11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)
12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.
13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
14.Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.
15.Capture one, or both, of the political parties in the United States.
16.Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
17.Get control of the schools.Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum.Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
20.Infiltrate the press.Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions..font size="+1">
21.Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures... ..
22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms."
23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."
24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press.
25.Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
26.Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."
27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch." 28.Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state."
29.Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
30.Discredit the American Founding Fathers.Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."
31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture -- education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etcetera.
33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.
34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
35. Discredit, and eventually dismantle, the FBI.
36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.
38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
40.Discredit the family as an institution.Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.
42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use ["]united force["] to solve economic, political or social problems.
43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
44.Internationalize the Panama Canal.
45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto....Note by Webmaster: The Congressional Record this far back has not be digitized and posted upon the Internet...It should be available at your nearest federal repository library. Call them and ask. Your college library is probably a repository; This is an excellent source of government records. Another source are your Congress Critters. They should be more than happy to help you in this matter...Sources are listed below...The quote starts on page 259...Microfilm: ..California State University at San Jose ..Clark Library, Government Floor ..Phone (408) 924 2770 ..Microfilm ..Call Number: ..J 11.R5 ..Congressional Record, Vol.109 ..88th Congress, 1st Session ..Appendix Pages A1-A2842 ..Jan.9-May 7, 1963 ..Reel 12 ..
http://www. nationmakers. com/com_goals. htm

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cadillac Escalade

A friend of mine sent the following

"Thanks to Obama, luxury cars are soon to be a thing of the past. They have always been beyond my means but I took out a Cadillac Escalade last week for a test drive, just to drive that sucker before they become extinct.
The salesman sat in the back seat describing the car and all it's wonderful options.
The seats were of particular interest.
He explained the seats directed warm air to your butt in the winter and directed coolair to your butt in the summer heat.
I stated the car must be a Republican car.
He asked why I thought it was a Republican car.
I explained if it were a Democrat car, the seats would blow smoke up your ass."

However, I find the above statement fairly inaccurate. See a republicans would be the one blowing smoke up your ass. The democrats car would come around afterward and tax you for the smoke, regulate the smoke, and would then charge you a clean up fee and community service for the smoke. Afterward the democratic car and republican car would go out to lunch together and use your money to find new ways to extort more money from you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

7 years down

the other day my wife and I enjoyed our seven year wedding anniversary. Funny, but I've changed so much since we first met. I no longer vote republican or democrat, I don't the media, I do believe our country is being flushed down the toilet, I have a beautiful baby boy, and I see the cup half empty as opposed to half full now a days.

Other than that everythings just peachy.... I still love God, love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I still think Karl Marx sucks. Yep, that should just about cover it. Seven years down, who knows what is to come.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

stupidity and apathy.

When I first got married seven years ago I worked full time as a secretary to a medical office. I worked 40 hours a week for modest but sustainable pay, and was making my push to get into nursing school. Now you have to realized I worked in a pool of workers who replaced others when they were sick or on vacation. I had no real home or real position in the work place.

My company started cracking down on inappropriate ill call, and the economy got tight (post 9/11). People stopped taking vacation! All of a sudden there was less hours, and only those more senior in this union based job got hours (even some that really didn't deserve to be employed). The squeeze started two spots behind me. I saw the writing on the wall and started to fight for everyone in my work group with our local union steward. What I encountered from the most senior members in this job class was a, "Too bad for you, doesn't concern me" attitude. This was my first real look at how apathetic our society had become. I couldn't believe these people couldn't see the writing on the wall. It was the poor girl at the bottom of the seniority pool today, but tomorrow it's me and then THEM....

Months passed.... I was getting any hours, and bills were tight. Finally my company cracked down more and even the most senior members in my work pool (were were called, "floaters" which always made me feel like they thought I belonged in the toilet) were losing significant hours. Then and only then did they begin to care and push for change. However, by that time the company calmly let the union know they had established precedent and were legally justified in their actions. The union being the weak and anemic sack of crap that it is went along for the most part. Many months continued to pass, and class action grievances were finally passed now that everyone was on board. In the end we all lost all of our vacation, some lost their job because they couldn't hold out any longer, and most of us (myself included) got shipped off to other jobs. Most if this, if not all of it could have been avoided if others would have stood up for their fellow man knowing they were next. They could have justified it being self serving!!!!! What I learned about people from this event is astonishing!!!. Most people will not try to do anything about even the most unjustifiable acts unless it concerns them right then and now. People don't look ahead.... They don't realize it's you today and me tomorrow. This is truly why this great nation we ha and our freedoms will soon be gone. Most people won't realize or do anything at all. The ones that do will most likely join the party way too late in the game.

Stupidity and apathy are a bad combo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

In my profession I constantly find others reading the bible and on occasion praying. I'm always delighted to see others looking for a spiritual connection to our father. I look for opportunities to talk with others about Gods word, and the other day was no exception.

What I found was a gentleman discussing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. He had his own belief on what this subjects interpretation means, as many do. He even asked me to look it up and research it myself because he felt my understanding was off. Always looking to make sure I have my own head on straight I went for it. Plus, to be honest I don't argue with others. Most people I've ever met are stuck in their ways of thinking, and some have accused me of heinous things in the past. However, I do listen, check my own understanding, and am very willing to change my thinking if I find I'm off the word. So I looked.

Mark 3:22-30

-And the scribes that came down from Jerusalem said, "He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils." And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, "How can Satan cast out Satan? And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided he cannot stand, but hath an end. No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.

Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shallblaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme agasint the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation:" Because they said he hath an unclean "spirit."-

For me the real question comes in "why?" They blasphemed against the Holy Spirit by accusations against our Lord that he was casting out devils by the power of Satan. But why? If they didn't believe in God they would have been happy for the healings and went about their business. If they were truly working for the one true God they would have rejoiced that God worked through this man even if they didn't believe he was the Son of God. So the real question is WHY. Why were they so quick to dismiss it?

John 8:42-44

Jesus said unto them, "If God were your father ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand My speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. YE ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (emphasis mine)

John 8:48-49

Then answered the Jews, and said unto Him, "Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?" Jesus answered, "I have not a devil; but I honor my father, and ye do dishonour me.

So from this will can conclude that the Jews in John A) sold out to the devil, and B) accused jesus of being possessed with a devil, which is exactly what was happening in Mark. So blasphemy against the Holy Spirit may very well have been accusing Jesus of casting out devils by the power of Satan. However, what came before that? What causes a man to accuse our saviour of being possessed? It would make sense that such a man had already given his life to Satan. I don't know if the Jewish leaders of that time knew they had sold out to the Devil. Many people in the old testament sold out to devils in Ashtaroth, Molech and other pagan gods. I'm not saying that people can't have a change of heart and turn from Budda to Christ. I am saying that many of the hard core leaders in any movement have already sold out to their God. The followers of such leaders do many times find Christ. However, the guys in the seats of power (the gurus if you will) have sold out to their god. Unfortunately, they just don't realize yet that they've sold out to the wrong one.

In the end I hope this was beneficial to you. Please do the research yourself. I have found many many interpretations of this passage, but mostly find that people theorize that because it's never mentioned again it must mean: X,Y,and Z. I know what I believe to be the truth through prayer and study. But who's to say I'm right? Please do your own reseach on this subject.

Below is a opinion slightly different from my own that I got off the web (with the site listed). My objective here isn't to get you to believe me but to do your own research and believe the truth.

The following was taken from the above site.

Question: "What is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?"Answer: The concept of “blasphemy against the Spirit” is mentioned in Mark 3:22-30 and Matthew 12:22-32. The term blasphemy may be generally defined as “defiant irreverence.” The term can be applied to such sins as cursing God or willfully degrading things relating to God. It is also attributing some evil to God, or denying Him some good that we should attribute to Him. This case of blasphemy, however, is a specific one, called “the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” in Matthew 12:31. In Matthew 12:31-32, the Pharisees, having witnessed irrefutable proof that Jesus was working miracles in the power of the Holy Spirit, claimed instead that the Lord was possessed by the demon “Beelzebub” (Matthew 12:24). Now notice that in Mark 3:30 Jesus is very specific about what they did to commit “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.”

This blasphemy has to do with someone accusing Jesus Christ of being demon-possessed instead of Spirit-filled. As a result, this particular incidence of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be duplicated today. Jesus Christ is not on earth—He is seated at the right hand of God. No one can witness Jesus Christ performing a miracle and then attribute that power to Satan instead of the Spirit. The closest example today would be attributing the miracle of a redeemed person’s changed life to Satan’s power rather than to the effects of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

The blasphemy of the Spirit today, which is the same as the unpardonable sin, is the state of continued unbelief. There is no pardon for a person who dies in unbelief. Continual rejection of the Holy Spirit’s promptings to trust in Jesus Christ is the unpardonable blasphemy against Him. Remember what is stated in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Further on in the same chapter is the verse “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him” (John 3:36). The only condition wherein someone would have no forgiveness is if he is not among the “whoever believes in Him,” for it is he who “rejects the Son.

”Recommended Resource: Hard Sayings of the Bible by Kaiser, Davids, Bruce, & Brauch.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Little Red Hen reloaded.

My friend Danica posted this on her blog on myspace. I had to share it with you it's very good.

We were all taught a story back in elementary school that resembled the first part of this, but somewhere along the lines the ending was changed. We need to get back to the truths in the original version.

The little red hen called all of her Domocrat neighbors together and said, "If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant it?"

"Not I," said the cow.
"Not I," said the duck.
"Not I," said the pig.
"Not I," said the goose.

"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen, and so she did. The wheat grew very tall and ripened into golden grain.
"Who will help me reap my wheat?" asked the little red hen.

"Not I," said the duck.
"Out of my classification," said the pig.
"I'd lose my seniority," said the cow.
"I'd lose my unemployment compensation," said the goose.
"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen, and so she did.
At last it came time to bake the bread.
"Who will help me bake the bread?" asked the little red hen.
"That would be overtime for me," said the cow.
"I'd lose my welfare benefits," said the duck.
"I'm a dropout and never learned how," said the pig.
"If I'm to be the only helper, that's discrimination," said the goose.
"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen.
She baked five loaves and held them up for all of her neighbors to see. They wanted some and, in fact, demanded a share. But the little red hen said, "No, I shall eat all five loaves."
"Excess profits!" cried the cow. (Nancy Pelosi)
"Capitalist leech!" screemed the duck. (Barbara Boxer)
"I demand equal rights!" yelled the goose. (Jesse Jackson)
The pig just grunted in disdain. (Ted Kennedy)
And they all painted "Unfair!" picket signed and marched around and around the little red hen, shouting obsenities.
Then the farmer (Obama) came. He said to the little red hen, "You must not be so greedy."
"But I earned the bread," said the little red hen.
"Exactly," said Barack the farmer. "That is what makes our free enterprise system so wonderful. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under our modern government regulations, the productive workers must divide the fruits of their labor with those who are lazy and idle."
And they all lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, "I am grateful, for now I truly understand."
But her neighbors became quite disappointed in her. She never again baked bread because she joined the 'party' and got her bread free. And all the Democrats smiled. "Fairness" had been established.
Individual initiative had died, but nobody noticed; perhaps no one long as there was free bread the "the rich" were paying for.
Bill Clinton is getting $12 million for his memoirs.
Hillary got $8 million for hers.
That's $20 million for the memories from two people, who for eight years, repeatedly testified, under oath, that they couldn't remember anything

Monday, March 16, 2009

FSA, interesting.

Stop Federal Takeover of Food Regulation in H.R.875..March 11, 2009Ethan Huff(NaturalNews) The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund recently reported the unveiling of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (H.R. 875) on Feb. 4, 2009, by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), to both the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the House Committee on Agriculture. Cosponsored by 36 other Congressmen, all Democrats, H.R. 875 would essentially transfer all state control over food regulation to the Food Safety Administration (FSA), a newly-established federal bureaucracy to be created within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Its implications point to the elimination of all independent, family farms as well as all organic farming operations due to overbearing federal regulations subjectively determined by FSA in favor of corporate factory farms.Some of the requirements set forth within H.R.875 include:- Designating FSA as sole regulator of food safety rather than the individual states, including granting FSA the power to implement and administer a "national system for regular unannounced inspection of food establishments" under its own terms.- Reclassifying all farms as "food production facilities", ensuring they come under the regulatory and inspection protocols of FSA as well as enforcing compliance with whatever FSA deems as appropriate food safety requirements.- Requiring farmers to comply with FSA-established "minimum standards" for farming practices, including requiring them to establish Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and other written documentation as determined and mandated by FSA.- Granting FSA the power to arrogate "preventative process controls to reduce adulteration of food" as it deems fit.- Instituting FSA as food safety law enforcement, allowing it to assess civil penalties and fines for violation of any and all FSA safety laws up to $1 million for each violation. Collected fines would become unappropriated slush funds to be used however FSA deems fit in order to "carry out enforcement activities under the food safety law".While many of these provisions may appear benign due to language emphasizing safety and to standardized regulations, the implications are far more mischievous. While stripping states of what little tenth amendment powers remain, H.R. 875 would establish a central regulatory body with even more unaccountable authority than that of the FDA. Similar to the provisions contained in the Obama "stimulus" package and the Bush "bailout" before it, H.R. 875 would bolster the ever-burgeoning federal empire in eliminating state sovereignty and individual freedom, particularly in relation to food.The legality of any type of raw milk distribution across the country is also in jeopardy as H.R. 875 would grant FSA the statutory authority to impose a ban on its sale and distribution, period. If, for example, FSA determines that pasteurization is a necessary "preventative process" for safe milk production, it could override any current state provisions permitting intrastate raw milk sales, an area where even the overbearing FDA does not have legitimate jurisdiction. This limit would not apply to FSA, however, which would be granted unlimited jurisdictional power over all decisions concerning food safety, despite the unconstitutionality of such authority.Additionally, the bill contains language that would expand the definition of the word "contaminant" for purposes of widening the scope of what constitutes "adulterated food". In other words, the vague, open-ended language would grant seemingly unlimited authority to FSA to arbitrarily levy fines whenever and to whomever it deems fit for breaching its subjective food safety rules.The full text of H.R. 875 can be found here as well as committee contacts and a listing of the bill..s cosponsors. It is important to keep in mind that Rep. DeLauro..s husband, Stanley Greenburg, works for biotechnology giant Monsanto, the multi-national corporation responsible for the creation of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in cows, the perpetuation of "Round-Up Ready" sugar and soy products hidden in conventional foods, and the instigation of lawsuits against farmers whose fields were contaminated by Monsanto..s patented seeds. H.R. 875 provides the means by which corporations like Monsanto can seize control of the last-remaining independent farming operations in the United States.H.R. 875 is still being reviewed by the committees with no official date set for a vote. Now is the time to contact both the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the House Committee on Agriculture to express opposition to this federal takeover of the food supply. Also, be sure to contact your representatives to express opposition as well."Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." -Henry Kissinger, 1970

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trickle Down Poverty

If you want to know who funded the money to get your representative elected look at this site.

Oh my representative Mr. Brian Baird of Washington got 52% of his money from the ultra socialist LABOR UNIONS... A good amount from Mr. Bill Gates Microsoft, and a decent portion from single issue special interests (you know the stuff earmarks are famous for in the senate). Good thing for us that Mr. Baird isn't a senator to strangle our economy by adding more waste to the current pork spending Marxist/Obama anti stimulus package. The sad thing is that the people of my district had another candidate who called himself a "Ron Paul Republican" who ran against him. He openly stated he intended to eliminate the federal reserve. Nope, we didn't vote for him (Of course I don't mean me I really mean the idiots who voted for increased slavery by voting for Baird). For those who are interested you might look at the web site above to see how your representatives are helping support trickle down poverty to your backyard. Take care comrades.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Edible Wild Plants A northwest field guide, by thomas s. elias and peter a. dykeman

Now I will be the first to admit I did not read this book cover to cover, and honestly I doubt that's the design of it anyway. I found the information in this book solid, educational, and yet it made me realize I need more than just this book. Of course the authors themselves would agree with me.

"Since it is impossible to distinguish among the 20,000 North American species in this or any other book, you may also want to refer to identification guides devoted to your own region or state."

After the above statment the authors list some good regional resources. So lets get down to what I liked and didn't like about this book.

Likes: Easy to follow, color photos, key makes it easy to identify uses for the plants. They even tell you how to best use the plant as well as how it can be used in survival in some cases. I also like that they seperated the plants by season. They also have an index where you can look the little guy up by name.

Dislikes (or they could have added this): They have a small picture of the region the plant grows on each photo. This is OK but I would also liked to have had a regional index. This way you could look up plants by their season in your region. Then all you have to do is turn directly to the specific page. This would have made more sense to me. I also have to agree with another reviewer that stated the pictures were TOO close up. This is nice but doesn't give you a clear visual how the plant will look in relation to the landscape. Sure, they give you a description of it's size in the text, but I would have like to have two smaller photos for each plant (they did this in some cases but not as frequently as I would have liked.

All in all I give this book a solid 4 stars. It's worth it's money and in my opinion is worth more than some three star reviewers are giving it credit for. However, I do believe (as do the authors) that you will probably need to supplement it with another text.

This is a good purchase.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DVD: Demographic Winter The premise of this documentary is that population in the civilized world is in decline. Population is expanding because were getting older (not dying) not because of births. This of course is going to bite us on our rear end. Why? Here are some points the documentary to illustrate this:

1. Japans economy fell as their population aged. The older people retired and didn't spend as much. Consumer spending drives an economy.

2. Europe is having serious population depletion right now. There are countries giving out subsidies to encourage people to breed. It's a huge problem.

3. Russia's population is declining by 700,000 a year and they too are encouraging people to breed.

4. The least populated areas of the world are the ones that are some of the least environmentally friendly.

5. The world economy will be drastically impacted by western population decline. Where China and other countries will be impacted at first they will have the population to recover. We won't.

6. The baby boomers are going to retire soon. Then you will have more people collecting benefits like social security and medicare then supporting it (a reverse pyramid). This will crush our economy... So you can look forward to: 1. Increase of age limits to retire, 2. increase taxes on those still working, 3. a decrease in benefits...

7. One of the biggest problems is the destruction of the family. Our children are being raised in broken homes. I can't begin to do this part of the movie justice. You really have to see it to appreciate it. In the end this is about the world we are leaving our children. Many movements (environmental, exc.) have stated increasing population as one of the evils of the world (and against their movement). This documentary (if looked at honestly) will challenge many of these assumptions and force them to come up with a more honest platform. It's not that some of these issues are not real; it's just that the resources are being misused to blame things that are in truth NOT THE PROBLEM... Without young people new technology won't be made, new ideas won't be as plentifull. These are serious issues one should take a look at. Please watch this documentary. You may not agree with them but it will challenge some of your beliefs.

Lastly, do watch all the way through the ending credits. There's a little something at the end.