Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DVD: Demographic Winter The premise of this documentary is that population in the civilized world is in decline. Population is expanding because were getting older (not dying) not because of births. This of course is going to bite us on our rear end. Why? Here are some points the documentary to illustrate this:

1. Japans economy fell as their population aged. The older people retired and didn't spend as much. Consumer spending drives an economy.

2. Europe is having serious population depletion right now. There are countries giving out subsidies to encourage people to breed. It's a huge problem.

3. Russia's population is declining by 700,000 a year and they too are encouraging people to breed.

4. The least populated areas of the world are the ones that are some of the least environmentally friendly.

5. The world economy will be drastically impacted by western population decline. Where China and other countries will be impacted at first they will have the population to recover. We won't.

6. The baby boomers are going to retire soon. Then you will have more people collecting benefits like social security and medicare then supporting it (a reverse pyramid). This will crush our economy... So you can look forward to: 1. Increase of age limits to retire, 2. increase taxes on those still working, 3. a decrease in benefits...

7. One of the biggest problems is the destruction of the family. Our children are being raised in broken homes. I can't begin to do this part of the movie justice. You really have to see it to appreciate it. In the end this is about the world we are leaving our children. Many movements (environmental, exc.) have stated increasing population as one of the evils of the world (and against their movement). This documentary (if looked at honestly) will challenge many of these assumptions and force them to come up with a more honest platform. It's not that some of these issues are not real; it's just that the resources are being misused to blame things that are in truth NOT THE PROBLEM... Without young people new technology won't be made, new ideas won't be as plentifull. These are serious issues one should take a look at. Please watch this documentary. You may not agree with them but it will challenge some of your beliefs.

Lastly, do watch all the way through the ending credits. There's a little something at the end.

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