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The Top Twelve Foods for Long Term Storage Category: News and Politics
The Top Twelve Foods for Long Term Storage

by Neil McLaughlin (see all articles by this author)(NaturalNews) With the recent surge in food prices it makes sense to buy foods that last and to obtain a bulk discount. However it is pointless to stock up on unhealthy food. During an emergency, having enough snacks won't increase the odds of survival. So what are some of the best foods to stock up on? The keys to consider are: shelf life, bulk price and nutritional content. This article will explore some of the best options.Top 4 Packaged Foods to Store (Indefinite shelf life)1) Jarred Raw Nut Butters - Sesamum indicum (Pedaliacea), Arachis hypogaea (Fabaceae)Having peanut butter, almond butter and sesame tahini (sesame seed butter) will provide for many recipes and a concentrated protein source that is easy to prepare. $5.00 per pound.2) Canned Tomatoes - Solanum Lycopersicum (Solanaceae)The amount of Lycopene, the key phytonutrient in tomatoes, actually becomes more bioavailable when they are canned. Canned tomatoes can be used to make homemade pasta and pizza sauce along with chili. $1.25 per pound.3) Canned Beans - Cicer arietinum (Faboideae), Phaselous vulgaris (Leguminosae)Having cans of black beans, red beans, chili beans and garbanzo beans handy supports a variety of complementary sources of complete protein (when served with rice). Garbanzo beans are the key component of hummus. They are available in extra large 25 ounce cans and even 108 ounce cans. $1.15 per pound.4) Canned Sardines - Harengula jaguana (Clupeidae) (Unsalted, in Spring Water)Sardines are whole organisms with lots of healthy Omega-3 oil. Sardines offer a complete protein source along with trace minerals. The healthiest ones still have the bones. Small fish like sardines contain far less mercury than tuna. $2.00 per pound.______________________________________

Top 4 Bulk Grains to Store (2 year shelf life)1) Brown Rice - Oryza sativa (Poaceae)A staple grain, brown rice is cheaper than white rice and while it doesn't taste as good it is a health food versus a junk food. A blend of brown and white rice is the ideal for both health and flavor $1.25 per pound.2) Spelt flour - Triticum spelta (Poaceae)Having the ingredients to make bread dough will provide for many recipes. It is important to keep flour sealed in water tight containers to keep out moisture and insects.3) Popcorn - Zea Mays Everta (Poaceae)Cooked on the stove top, fresh popcorn beats any snack from a bag and is a great source of fiber. Ideally one will buy organic as popcorn is one of the most pesticide-laden foods and might be GMO corn. Store in air tight containers to preserve freshness and keep out bugs. See recipe below. $1.26 per pound. 4) Dried Peas - Pisum sativum (Papilionaceae)Dried peas are a great source of protein and if mixed with rice provide a balanced meal. Dried peas can be cooked with ham hocks or soup bones to make soup.NOTE: Bulk rate is for 25 lb bag. Store grains in sealed containers or they will become host to bugs. Observe grains carefully before using.______________________________________

Top 4 Protein Sources to Store (6-12 month shelf life)1) Raw Milk Cheese from Grass Fed Cows - Bos taurus (Bovidae)Raw milk cheese gets better with time and is a complete food, meaning you could survive and thrive consuming absolutely nothing but raw milk cheese! It should be aged 60 or more days. Buy it in one big piece if possible, and keep it at about 44-48 degrees (F). Keep an eye on mold growth, and if small spots develop just scrape them off. If the cheese has come in contact with plastic it should be scraped off as it will absorb the taste and chemicals in plastic. $8 per pound.2) Grass Fed Beef and Lamb - Bos taurus (Bovidae), Ovis aries (Bovidae)If purchased in bulk grass-fed beef costs as little as $3 per pound and lamb for as little as $5.25 per pound. It can be canned, frozen, or divided up. The bones are even cheaper and can be used to make nutrient dense stock. See the product review for Grass fed Beef and Lamb for details on buying meat in bulk. $3-$20 per pound.3) Free Range Chicken - Gallus domesticus (Thesienidae)Whole chickens with the organs are essential for providing long term health via chicken soup. They keep for long periods in the freezer. They can provide several different meals. For quality chicken, the lard is useful, and the skin is healthy to consume. Chickens can be stuffed with leftover (dried) bread scraps, the chicken organs fortify the gravy with nutrients, and the bones can be made into soup. Not to mention the meat itself. Leftover bone scraps can be composted or ground up for pet food.4) Miso soup - Glycine max (Fabaceae)Miso soup is extremely concentrated and provides a great source of protein. Miso is a fermented food that contains living enzymes. One or two tablespoons of miso paste make a whole pot of soup.______________________________________

Is Saving Money Hoarding?Some people consider stocking up on food to be "hoarding", imagining that this causes a shortage and price increases. Perhaps this makes them feel better about the fact that the only food they have is 2 liters of Diet Cola, a half-eaten Italian sub and a frozen burrito. In reality there is no world food shortage, but a delivery shortage, and the illusion of a shortage created by having too many U.S. dollars in circulation. Ideally, everyone would store enough (non-GMO, royalty-free) seeds to plant every fruit, vegetable, spice and medicinal herb that will grow in your area, and enough long-term storage food to last about one year (or until you could grow and harvest your own seeds from scratch). While you may not have land, the seeds will still hold value during a food emergency and they can be used to barter for food with those in the opposite situation. Start learning how to grow a garden even if you have to use 5 gallon buckets.______________________________________

Recipe for Stovetop Popcorn It's amazing how few people today have ever made popcorn without the microwave. Microwaved popcorn is often made with hydrogenated oil, contains toxic diacetyl in the butter flavoring, cooks packaging material residues right into the food, and produces more plastic waste. Meanwhile popcorn can be made on the stovetop in the same amount of time, high quality organic palm oil and coconut oil can be used and then real butter and sea salt can be added. These oils contain healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and are solid at room temperature so they can absorb more heat. Here is a recipe to make real popcorn:Ingredients:* 1/2 cup organic popcorn* 1 Tbsp organic palm oil (and/or coconut oil, high oleic sunflower or safflower oil)* (option 1) 2 tsp sea salt and 1 pat of unsalted, biodynamic, cultured (or raw) butter* (option 2) 1 tsp kelp (or dulse) with 1 dash of cayenne pepper* (option 3) 1/2 packet of organic powdered cheeseInstructions:* Heat oil on high in a large stainless steel pot (steel, cast-iron, or glass only - avoid non-stick).* When oil starts to smolder (about 60 seconds) add popcorn, which ideally forms a single layer.* Shake pan back and forth to keep popcorn moving or it will scorch.* When first kernel pops, cover and keep shaking, lowering temperature to medium-high.* When popcorn has thunderous popping rate, you can turn off the heat but continue shaking pot.* Crack lid slightly to allow steam to release (watch out for escaping kernels).* When popping rate slows to less than 1 per second, pour popcorn into large paper bag.* Add pat of butter to now-empty pot where it will melt from the heat (for extra, add some olive oil).* Add dry seasonings to paper bag and shake well.* Pour popcorn into large serving bowl and top with melted butter.______________________________________

References Support your local farmers market and buy organic if possible.Thanks to Tropical Heat's Organic Market in Lake Mary, FL for delivering above grains.

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You shall Not Surely Die!!!

One World By Tal Brooke

Genesis 3:4-5 The serpent said to the women, “ You surely will not die! For God knows in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

The author Tal Brooke spent years in India studying under an eastern guru in his attempt to be enlightened. He felt that he had found a religion of peace and every lasting life. After all both eastern thought and America’s New Age spiritualism promise just greater degrees of enlightenment. You don’t really die you just reincarnate, and grow spiritually until you become like GOD… Tal Brooke exposes these movements for what they really are: The first lie on record in The Bible with a new twist.

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the father but through me.

Behind this New Age religion that is being preached world wide is the concept that ALL roads lead to God. The author really demonstrates how this process is behind all worldly religions, and that it is one of the main pillars behind the up coming global religion. You can’t get the masses to accept the coming world religion unless all roads lead to God. But that’s not what our Lord and Savior said. He said that the gate is narrow, that he is the way. In order to accept the global concept you have to deny the words of Christ. I at one time believed that all ways lead to God because that is what my mother taught me. She learned it from a nun. The bible however, says something different.

Tal Brooke also informs the reader of the economic reality behind the up coming New World Order. The master planners of world government mean to achieve this through a global central bank (the world bank/IMF). The Federal Reserve is the central bank in the United States (a private bank I might add). This is the economic arm of the future world government. The author also discusses The Illuminati, RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that can be used to track every product and human on earth through implantable chips.

To the modern reader this information may seem like utter nonsense. That is until you start looking into it, and doing YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Tal Brooke does a masterful job of exposing these hidden global chess players who are manipulating the world into a state of global government. Every country is have their representatives by population. How long do you think our constitution and it’s protections are going to last with China, Russia, and other unfriendly regimes out voting us? It’s time to wake up before we wake up and wish we had a government as kind as the one described in Orwell’s 1984.

Great book at giving a general overview of the upcoming New World Order from a spiritual, economical, military, and governmental viewpoint. My only criticism is that it’s 269 pages are too brief to fully explain this material. You will need to look at other sources to fully grasp the BIG PICTURE.

Final Assessment: Solid 5 stars, great overview. However, the reader is encouraged to branch out and look at other sources after reading this.

Suggested books and resources:
The Holy Bible
The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
America: Freedom To Fascism by director Aaron Russo
The Naked Capitalist By W. Cleon Skoussen
None Dare Call It Treason 25 Years Later By Strommer
Terrorstorm By Alex Jones.
Original Intent By David Barton

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33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask, By Thomas E. Woods Jr.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."- Thomas Jefferson

The authors approach is brilliant. Thomas E. Woods Jr. will take you on a journey through 33 myths that the elite would love to keep you ignorant of. The American public education system (or should I call it public misinformation system) subjects our children to revisionist history that should scream scenes from Orwell's 1984. This makes books such as these just that much more important.

The author will take you on a journey from the very unenvironmentally friendly Native Americans (there were less old growth forrests during their time than our own) to President Bill Clinton's mistakes in Kosovo. You'll learn why our city streets our less safe than the wild west, and why our founding fathers didn't believe in the elastic clause. Better yet, you'll start to question just why you were never taught any of these things while attending the public misinformation system. Were fed slogans in school, not facts. Yet I believe the author says it best.

" For this reason alone the state's official version of history, which is always and everywhere another such apologia on behalf of itself, deserves not the benefit of the doubt but an abiding and informed skepticism. No free people ever survived on a consistent diet of official propaganda. Hayek was right: how we understand the past dramatically influences how we view the present. That is why, for the sake of American freedom , there should be no question about American history you're not supposed to ask."

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Terror Storm

Alex Jones “Terrorstorm”

"The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either."
-Benjamin Franklin.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."- Thomas Jefferson

This is the first documentary that took me over four hours to watch (having a newborn will do that to you). Terror-storm can be a mind blowing experience if your one of the many who thinks the war on terror is for our safety. I used to believe that myself. My life like so many others was based around my love for God and the American Dream. To be honest there are times I still wish I didn’t know what I now know. Life is a lot less complicated when you believe the status quo will go on forever. Problem is I can’t lie to myself or my family. What follows is my impression of Alex Jones “Terrorstorm.”

What I love about this documentary is how Alex ties in the history or terrorism and relates it to 9/11. The film starts off revealing how Hitler used a prisoner he dressed in a Polish army uniform, shot him, manufactured an “alleged” attack on a Nazi radio station, and then used that even to attack Poland. After that Alex uses actual government documents to show how our own government has done the same prior to 9/11 (Norwood, Ajax). Next, Jones takes us into the U.K. and systematically shows how their train bombings are being used to strip the British of their freedoms the same way 9/11 is being used to strip ours via “The Patriot Act.” Mr. Jones also reveals substantial evidence that should make any American question the authenticity of the government story behind 9/11.

In closing, I would like to say that at one time I was a naysayer to such information. I didn’t believe it and thought that individuals who held such opinions were “Nut cases.” However, after Alex had many former government employees (some of which worked for Reagan), professors from established university’s , and footage that just doesn’t back the governments story. I had to take notice. After a ton of reading, research, and thinking I’ve changed my mind. I don’t expect you to. As a matter of fact I challenge you not to take anyone’s word on this. Watch the documentary and do your own research. Then, and only then will you know the truth.

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thomas jefferson quote

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."- Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the father connection by josh mcdowell

I was waiting for my wife to finish her visit to the maturnity store at our local mall when I saw a christian book store. Not wanting to watch pain dry on a slow and uneventful day at the mall I decided to browse. My wife was pregnant (but has now recently delivered our first child) so I took a look through the parenting section. I was unaware of the book store's employee standing behind me until I heard, "Everytime we get that book in it immediately fly's off the shelf." A little startled I turned around to see a lovely middle aged women with a beaming smile behind me. She then informed me, "it has done quite well since Dr. Dobson featured it on his show." I know many of you probably know who Dr. Dobson is but I don't. Still, I figured I would give it a shot. After all I havent' encountered a lot of christian books on fathering.

The premise of the book is fairly simple: Learn about fathering by having your heavenly father as the example. Josh McDowell does a phenominal job of not only teaching you how to be a better daddy, but he also helps bring to your attention the things (great and small) that your heavenly father does for you. He helps the reader take an honest look at their life without condemnation, and teaches the reader how to tap into God's awesome power, and then with Gods help you can have confidence in any situation. This book isn't so much a do and don't book as it's greatest strength is teaching you how good of a daddy God is and then encouraging you to mimic his example. Will we fail? You bet. But our God is bigger than our faults and can use our mistakes to teach our children to confess when their wrong. Not only that but I found that it helped build a stronger relationship between myself and my heavenly father which I know will translate into an even stronger relationship with my wife, and my newborn son.

It's good to note that there is a fantastic list of things a father can do with his children in the back. Great suggestions.

God Bless You...