Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston, marshal law

I am going to make this blog bit nice, sweet, and to the point. I just watched the alphabet channels clearly display marshal law. Granted, one can point to the fact they were chasing two terrorist suspects who bombed the Boston marathon. For the sake of argument I'm going to give you that one (even though I personally believe there is a lot more behind this story, and the words "false flag" come to mind). Still, the entire city of Boston and surrounding areas for the most part was shut down and militarized. This basicly happened overnight. I have no doubt it will quickly disperse and some form of normalcy will ensue shortly after. However, the fact that our government can militarize a city that large in such a short period of time should give you pause. What else can they do? How quickly? I learned a thing or two today. 1. Our country could potentially be under marshal law in a weeks time if they so desire it to be. 2. Even after 9/11 people will still spew sport team like slogans while not engaging their brains, and thinking about what is really going on. Many people think that the whole story is over. They catch two guys and think, "that's it." How could two guys pull this off? How could two guys just set up multiple bombs around a highly visible marathon guarded by police? What about the reports that there were training exercises that that a bomb went off the day before? Is it true that someone was screaming it's just a drill while the bombs were going off? Good questions.