Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Second Amendment, By David Barton

I read this excellent and very brief pamphlet about 4 months ago. Since that time I have debated just what style I should use for this review.

David Barton has given us a small course on the right to self protection. After all this is what were really talking about. I could go on at length with all the quotes from our founding fathers he uses to make his point, or laws that were on the books in at least one state that required it's citizens to own a gun. After reading this there should be no doubt in the readers mind that the right to self protection is an inalienable right, and that was the intention of our founders. Don't hesitate to purchase this fine fine little book. Seriously, don't walk, RUN to purchase it now....

I would also like to recommend Boston T. Party's Gun Bible. A truly profound look at guns and an amazing resource for experienced and novice gun owners alike. Plus any man who defines federal reserve notes (commonly called the U.S. dollar) as a zero with a slash through it can't be bad.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The election, socialists of Oregon

Well over a week past the election of Karl Marx (Barack Obama to most of you) and I figured I would share some thoughts.

I looked at the Oregonian late last week and the senate race for Oregon went like this. Jeff Merkley (socialist running as a demoncrat) pulled away with over 300,000 votes. Gordon Smith (the fascist running as a repugnican) was just shy of Merkley. Then there was this guy Mr. Brownlow the Constitution Party Candidate. The media didn't want to talk about him, and NO ONE wanted to mention his name from the two major parties. He pulled in over 51,000 votes in the state of Oregon (over six percent). This perplexed me when I saw that Chuck Baldwin (constitution party candidate for President) only pulled in 4,000 votes or so. I mean :() !!!!! Did these people vote for McCain? If so Why????

My point here is a simple one. The State of Oregon has voted for Demacrat Govenors for OVER 30 years straight. Not even the current dead beat Kulungoski (the most worthless D of all of them) could be unseated. As a matter of fact even a local Demacrat supporting pundits talked about how weak of a candidate he was and how his campaign was basicly, "I'm a D vote for me." It has become quite obvious to this Washingtonian that Oregon has drifted from madness to self suicide. Nope it can't be called liberalism anymore, just suicide. Which gets me back to my original point, Brownlow 51,000 votes, balwin 4,000 votes.... Same party, same principles. My point is that some of the people who voted for Brownlow had to vote for McCain. If they believed in the constitutional values of the Constitution party how could you vote for McCain??? Plus Oregon has always gone "D" so McCain isn't going to get the state anyway.... Seriously, you have to go back to the Reagan vs. Mondale election to find the last time Oregon voted anything other than "D." Ya know the election where Mondale got his ass handed to him (even then Mondale almost took Oregon).... I think people were voting McCain as the lesser of two evils.

Let me talk to the people of Oregon for a minute here, "Idiot conservatives of Oregon, you might as well vote your heart because the psychopathic child molesters that run Portland will always vote "D." .......... Seriously, if Portland Oregon got any sicker or more demented we should rename it Sodom and Gomorrah (some of the people are that sick here, i'm not kidding). Yep, we have great stats for being the pervert/child molestation capital of the U.S.

McCain supporters are you that dumb???? I actually think those who voted Obama were more honest. At least they are blatantly voting for a socialist. They not pretending to be conservatives and constitutionalists. After all McCains support for the bail out is fascism, which of course IS SOCIALISM..... Just ask Moussolini.

If this was a state McCain had a chance in (which he didn't) I might cut you a little slack (Actually I wouldn't because Mccain is a socialist and no better or worse than Obama). But the point is that McCain had no chance in Oregon. So why follow the lesser of two evils approach? Why not vote your heart. I'm speaking to the over 40,000 of you who obviously voted for McCain and Brownlow. The two platforms don't match up. Your trying to eat a n apple and a pile of s**t at the same time, it's insane.....

As for my election results. One person voted Baldwin in my pole (that's me), one voted for Ron Paul (my guess Stephen). Therefore, I will act as the government and change the votes through electronic voting to reflect Karl Marx as the winner. Thanks for playing please head to the nearest DMV for your RFID chip.