Monday, August 31, 2009

fast food vaccines

Fast Food Vaccines

OK, so I took my son to the doctor for his one year check up. Lo and behol d first thing I got from the medical assistant was a vaccine consent. Not any information on the vaccines, no education, just "sign here please." I than saw her fill out ALL the vaccines she wanted to inject into my son.

Now my wife and I had agreed that I would concede to some vaccines if she would allow me to have some given at a later date. I would prefer not to give any but my wife won't look at the other side of the debate and insists. And to be honest when your married everything is a debate and a compromise. ANyway, I refused the MMR and varicella. She (the medical assistant) asked why. I said, "well I'm really not that into having my son injected with vaccines cultured in cloned aborted fetal lung tissue." Her response, "I don't think that's true." At this point I had to pull rank (something I don't like to do since I've met many highly educated yet profoundly stupid people). I stated, "Well I'm a nurse and not only did my nursing instructor provide me with this information in school it is also well documented. You can call Merck and play phone tag for with them for 8 hours if you like for them to finally admit that fact." She took the paper I signed without those vaccines added.

However, I find it very strange that I wasn't offered the governments propaganda pages (also known as vaccination fact sheets from the CDC) prior to signing the consent. Granted, I've already read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.... I know their total propaganda but still she should have offered it.


Early this week I was discussing with another nurse the up coming flu season. She is an independent thinker, and not one who buys into the government propaganda machine. She informed me that the state in which I work (oregon) is trying to make this years swine flu vaccine compulsory for all healthcare staff. Anyone who has researched the swine flu vaccine of 1976 knows the vaccine killed more people than the virus. Even CBS did a special on it for God sake. In case your not familiar with it the gods of vaccines trailed they original swine flu vaccine and started giving it to the public. However, they quickly switched to a new (and untested ) vaccine after first initiating them. What happened? Well people started having neurological symptoms, ya know, legs not working and such. Sound fun?

Now I'm not telling anyone to get or not to get your vaccines. Do your own research and use your brain. There is plenty of conflicting information out there. So it will take some research on your part. In the end you have to ask yourself if you trust those who make almost nothing financially from vaccines or other products or those who get rich on them.


Now I have received flu vaccines in the past. My mother told me in 1976 I was immunized with the swine flu vaccine, and as she put it, " you almost didn't make it." Even after hearing that I originally drank the vaccine cool aid when in nursing school. I got my flu shots, and updated all my immunizations. I began working as a nurse my first year out of school and like most good littel nurses lined up for my vaccine. Well less than two weeks after getting it I started losing function in my legs, migraines, and I had to go to one knee twice because I couldn't keep my balance. I thought it was fatigue from night shift. So I switched to days. I got better and I forgot about it. Next year came around and I got my flu shot again. Well, my legs started giving out. I COULDN"T HOLD MY OWN WEIGHT... I even lost all strength in one of my legs for a moment, and it buckled on me. I caught myself but I almost hit the deck. That was it for me. Didn't get one last year and don't plan on getting one ever again.


My final year in school I did a report on vaccines. A ten page report to be exact. I read numerous articles on the subject and my conclusion was in support of vaccines. My main purpose in writing a pro vaccine report were three fold: 1) I wanted to pass and I knew I would have to defend an anti vaccination position much more thoroughly. 2) My school had almost no articles from the other side. All in favor and almost none against. The ones that were in opposition were very old and wouldn't qualify as the basis of my argument. 3) I was tired and lazy at the end of two very stressful years.

I really wish I could have that report back. It read like a propaganda piece for the Big Pharma lobby. Don't get me wrong when I have to write a technical paper I can do it. Anyone reading my blog bits knows i'm a laid back writer, and I take certain liberties with grammer and punctuation (aka screw proof reading). However, when asked to write a technical paper Im quite capable. So I've put more heart into this blog but my propaganda piece would sway more people. Why am I like this? Probably because no one but close friends read this, and I honestly feel the truth speaks for itself. If someone really wants to know the truth they can find it. If one really wants to know the truth they will do their own research. Propaganda just doesn't hold up well against research and a well educated individual. In the end my paper was read by an individual who already had made up their mind. No one else. My paper now resides as dust. I burned the SOB.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

An EXCELLENT Blog Bit, Brother!

I certainly don't possess anywhere near the amount of information that you do when it comes to vaccines, but you know me: I ain't gettin' any! Anything a U.S. Government agency recommends, I am extremely wary of; anything a U.S. Government demands, I'm prepared to die fighting against.

The day Uncle Sam attempts to force me to accept an injection of anything into my body, I am going into official anti-Mark-Of-The-Beast mode. That's where I draw the line that CANNOT be crossed. They will have to kill me.

Despite all the fear-mongering, I look at it this way: If I do not get a "recommended" vaccine and remain healthy anyway, that's good. If I refuse a "mandatory" vaccine and Uncle Sam kills me, that's better - I'm now in Heaven.

You: >>[screw proof reading.]<<

If you ever call me (like you threatened you were going to do several weeks back), we can discuss that, along with something else I've been wanting to relate to you.

Love ya, BR'ER (JW!)
~ Stephen
<"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11>

mousiemarc said...

Ya know I did try to call you over a week ago but yur phone was off. I called late and everythings.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Yeah? Well... OK, apology accepted.
But don't let it happen again.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McCarthy