Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Greg Oden

Now I usually stay away from blogging about sports figures and such. There are way too many people doing it, and most of them can do it better than I can. However, I have to say I feel for this kid Greg Oden. He is a seven foot center drafted number one by the Portland Trailblazers in June 2007. His rookie season ended with an ACL injury after he fell off the couch (or so I heard). His second season was spent mostly learning the NBA game and getting his form back. His third season started with great promise and then.........

He went up to block a shot by Aaron Brooks and broke with patella (thats the knee folks). He is now out for yet another season. That means three years in the league with one season played. I feel bad for this young over payed athlete. Why? Because he actually seems like a nice kid, and he genuinely wants to represent the city of Portland Oregon well. He's not all about himself. When he was initially injured in 2007 he lamented to the Trailblazer staff and the fans about how sorry he was. He wanted to live up to the expectations set before him as the number one pick. Sadly, I don't know if that is going to happen. When someone gets multiple injuries as he has it can mean they are prone to them. For his sake I hope thats not the case. To be honest I'm more concerned about the kids spiritual journey through life than I am his NBA game. Even as a basketball fan I put people over sports as any sane person should.

I'm going to say a prayer for Greg Oden tonight. Not for his NBA career but for his spiritual relationship with God. If he doesn't have one I can't think of a better time than the present for him to connect with God. Either way if this kid is going to have a lot of negative media, and having a solid relationship with God would be a good place for him to start (if he hasnt' already).

We should all say a prayer for others we know lost in this world. Everyone needs God.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>[His rookie season ended with an ACL injury after he fell off the couch (or so I heard).]<<

In my youth, I was on a few occasions about as drunk as is humanly possible, and I NEVER FELL OFF A COUCH! I once fell down some stairs holding a glass of gin and tonic, but that didn't even land me on the Injury List, let alone interfere with my drinking career.

Fell off a couch and ended his rookie season?! Hmmm... Color me "skeptical." OK, yes, I'll agree that sometimes weird stuffs happens, but...

...fell off a couch?! A professional athlete fell off a couch and injured himself so badly that he was done playing basketball for the year? Either they don't make athletes as tough as they used to, or he should do steroids less and alcohol more.

Alright... trying to remain compassionate and open-minded here, but...

...FELL OFF A COUCH?! (Sheesh.)

And THIS, Br'er, is the story that brought you out of Blogging retirement? (Double Sheesh.)

~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen,
your compassionate, open-minded,
skeptical, puzzled friend.

mousiemarc said...

Haven't ya ever heard of the kid who could injur himself combing his hair? Man there are some injury prone people out there. Just most of them don't get paid millions.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

No, I never heard of that kid who injures himself combing his hair. But for millions of dollars, I'd happily accept the injuries too!
~"Lonesome Dogg" McMe