Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting week

I want my free propaganda health care

I was watching the propaganda box the other day (also known as the television set). Very interesting conversation came up on health care. They were discussing the current health care bill and how it would demand that: A) Everyone gets health care, and B) No one can be denied insurance based on preexisting conditions. So in other words insurance companies have to cover everything regardless who, what or why. Sounds nice right?

Does anyone remember the housing bubble? Ya know when they forced the banks to give loans to people who couldn't pay the mortgage. Oh except this time the bubble will be much bigger and will bankrupt all the health care providers. Of course next comes the bailouts which is just a fancy word for government ceasing control of them. Am I the only one who sees this?

Hmmmm gotta get that swine flu vaccine

A dear friend of mine was set to get married this next year. His fiancee not wanting to get sick due to underlying conditions got the flu mist for H1N1 swine flu. According to my friend she told the health care provider about her condition and they opted to give her the live virus due to vaccine shortages. Well two days later she ended up in the Emergency Room on a ventilator. She died the same day. Reports showed that she had a bacterial infection that had weakened her immune system prior to getting the live attenuated (weakened) swine flu virus. Her body couldn't handle it and it killed her. According to my friend this is from the report. He also stated that the health care worker was informed of her condition but chose to give the live virus anyway. A recent article reported elderly people especially were making trips to the Emergency Room after getting the swine flu mist. This can't be the only example out there. But how many will we hear about?

$50 Dollar Washer

My wife being the frugal soul that she is found a fifty dollar washer on Craigs list. Now let me start by saying I HATE CRAIGS LIST. I have for a long long time and unlike her I'm not fond of it at all. My wife set up a time for a washer to be dropped off. OK, first off I don't like strangers coming to my house from CRAIGS LIST, and who sells a washer for fifty dollars. Not wanting to argue with my wife I acquiesced and figure I'll test it first. They showed up, dropped it off, the phone rings (my wife set up another appointment to pick up our tred mill she wanted rid of). I went in got the phone cut it short said, "Ya get her by." Came back out and dudes were gone. Along with my old washer (which was broken and I said they could have as long as the new one worked). Well they were gone and the new washer works worse than the old one. I spent the next two hours cleaning water off the floor from the washer tsunami that followed. Now you might be thinking, "It's your own fault." And yes to a degree you would be right. I allowed my wife to do this over my best judgement. I allowed her to set up two appointments at once which ended up screwing me in the end, and I allowed these guys to take our old washer trying to save myself from listening to my wife bitch about getting rid of it. You don't get something for nothing and I knew better. However, what these guys did is not right and I can only hope that they will change or be properly punished at a later date. By the way I was so pissed I slept on the couch. I hate being had and I do a pretty good job of not getting myself into those situations. Now I just need to get my wife to do the same. At the end of the day I'm the man of the house so its my fault.


Gold is reporting to be worth $1100 an ounce right now. I could have gotten it for $250 an ounce seven years ago when I was looking at it. We were going to nursing school so it wasn't a good time. I did purchase some for $750 an ounce a little over a year ago. Gold is expected to raise even more in the future. Why am I still not allowed to buy it?

This ends my week. Ahhhhhh


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Good Blog Bit, Br'er!
As I type this, gold is selling at $1,115.50. Too bad you didn't buy earlier. It all comes from listening to women. There! I've said it. The N.O.W. can kiss my patoot!

And as far as the health care/housing bubble is concerned: no, buddy, you're not the only one who gets it. Actually, we're ALL gonna get it... in the end.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

arlee bird said...

I have found Craig's List to be a pretty good way to get rid of stuff and make a little something off of it.Although I too am a bit creeped out about strangers coming to my house. But I live in a pretty safe place with a lot of visibility and I always make sure they come during the day. I'm cleaning my garage and making a few extra bucks at the same time. Don't see me buying anything from there.

I can thank my dealings with Craigslist for getting my blog started. Stephen T McCarthy inspired me to register and sign up for the blog over a year ago, but I just forgot about it. Then all these Craigslist weirdos started assailing my email box as though they were going to buy something when all they were doing was trying to sucker me in to their "make money at home" scams. I started researching what they were promoting and realized I didn't have to pay anyone-- I could just go to Google. That's when I remember the blog I'd already signed up for and here I am blogging away. How about signing up to my blog, Marc? I follow yours and, of course, Stephen's. Thanks.

mousiemarc said...

You know I agree with you 100%...

Ya I'll sign up for yours. I just realized you had signed up for mine.