Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trickle Down Poverty

If you want to know who funded the money to get your representative elected look at this site.

Oh my representative Mr. Brian Baird of Washington got 52% of his money from the ultra socialist LABOR UNIONS... A good amount from Mr. Bill Gates Microsoft, and a decent portion from single issue special interests (you know the stuff earmarks are famous for in the senate). Good thing for us that Mr. Baird isn't a senator to strangle our economy by adding more waste to the current pork spending Marxist/Obama anti stimulus package. The sad thing is that the people of my district had another candidate who called himself a "Ron Paul Republican" who ran against him. He openly stated he intended to eliminate the federal reserve. Nope, we didn't vote for him (Of course I don't mean me I really mean the idiots who voted for increased slavery by voting for Baird). For those who are interested you might look at the web site above to see how your representatives are helping support trickle down poverty to your backyard. Take care comrades.....


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Ah, nice to see ya back, BR'ER MARC, and providing important information for the mentally blind. I can hear 'em now: "Turn the TV up, Martha! This guy's talkin' truth again!"

"As a dog returns--
Aw, you know the rest.

mousiemarc said...

So true. I wish it wasn't but so true.