Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alex Jones "Fall Of The Republic."

Alex Jones Fall of The Republic is the best documentary on this subject matter I have seen. What makes it so compelling is that he allows the internationalists to speak for themselves through video clips. He has articulate scholars from economics, climatology, and others speak on their area of expertise. The production and editing are outstanding, and Alex Jones speaks to his audience in an interview style that sheds furter light on what others have stated.

What makes this film so different from others he has produced is that he allows others to dominate. Alex has always been a passionate speaker and gifted film maker. However, by allowing others to dominate this film he has created fact machine that will prove next to impossible for anyone seeking truth to find fault with. If you really want to understand what is happening in the world minus the spin from the talking heads on television, watch this film. 5 stars hands down.

P.S. You can watch this for free on you tube like I did if you so desire.

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