Saturday, July 5, 2008

Open letter to friends

Below is an open letter I wrote for my myspace blog to friends. It's free thought with no grammar checks. Just honesty, with a little bit of frustration.

Open Letter To Friends
Dear Friends,
I sit before my computer thoroughly frustrated with my country, our financial outlook, and mostly my own inability to see it coming over 5 years ago. Much smarter people than myself told me years ago to look out for some of the things I'm seeing now. Here are a few.

* Our incremental loss of freedom. Under President Bush bills such as: executive orders as to force citizens into work camps are now on the books, legislation to to strip individuals and hold them indefinately in the name of national security have passed, and much much worse.
* The high prices were paying at the pump and everywhere else is not only due to over seas oil companies sticking it to us (though it has something to do with it) but also has to do with the inflation of our dollar. I have suggested to my family and friends that 5% of your retirement and savings investments in precious metals (gold, silver) would not be a bad idea now. Even financial planner Rick Edelman in one of his books (I since given them both away do to space) will tell you precious metals retain their value even in the hardest of economic climates. As a matter of fact it was illegal in this country to own gold or silver through part of the past century (probably had to do with the federal reserve protecting their fiat money supply) . A short history of money reveals that any government that does not back their money with precious metals has to pass laws to require it to be legal tender. The only major party candidate who was talking about this upcoming financial crisis due to our fiat money was Ron Paul.
* I don't see any end to sight. The Republicans run a welfare state to the banks and big business (if you would like examples of how big banks and big business are the biggest welfare collectors just message me), and the Demacrats promise free hand outs. Neither of them are taking on the challenges that are really hurting this country, and I honestly don't believe either of them will do much of anything to fix it. You don't want to hear why I believe this, and I'm not going to try to convince you. As a matter of fact I haven't made the greatest choices at the ballot box in the past myself, so I can't very well expect anyone to listen to me anyway.
* On a parting note has anyone actually looked at these stupid John McCain adds. Seriously, my demacrat friends have got to be happy right now. This guy is running ads telling people that we have to have a strong economy to support our neighbors to the south. I about lost my lunch!!! Are you freaking serious John???!!! Are you trying to throw the election???!!! Ya, Americans are broke, paying more for everything, and many of our fellow citizens are going hungry!!!! Ya, were really receptive to your, "Our neighbors to the south" speech.... Hey John, since your too stupid to be President anyway why don't you just concede now and both campaigns can give all those billions to feeding the poor. Maybe you can ship in some of that neighbor to the south food to feed our out of work (due to our neighbors to the south) AMERICANS.... Or better yet, just pass along some of arrogance your smoking... I can use some confidence. ....
I would love to hear from some of you,,

Love you guys,

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