Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Baby The Places You'll Go, Dr. Seuss

Dear Baby,

Me wife got this book from a friend who's name was Brook. Read it and breed it and enjoy she said while she cooked; So we got really busy one-sy, two-sy, and three-sy all in one nightsy we did. You will be bornsy about nine monthsy after we sealed the deedsy, and daddy slept wellski after we mades they I did. I shall read this book to an embryo in utero you see, and maybe I'll do it while's eating for free. Your brain will be insane with all the verbage you'll hear. Soon you'll bounce while I bald and tell bad jokes in your ear. Those wrinkles I receive you'll give me for free. One-ski, Two-ski, I see more-ski before I'm forty, OH DEAR. My dad-ski warned me of all the trouble you'll cause me. He said, "You'll get a child who will grey you and deprive you of sleep like you did to me." I said, "A, I'm not grey, but I occasionally take a rolaids before I take my wife for a jump in the Hey, Hey Hey." In the end the book claims you'll be smarter and a better farter if I read to you this day. I'll do it I say, just keep your little pee pee at bay after all I don't need a shower this day.
oh please promise not to spray....

Bottom Line: Great little book. Cute read it to your child in utero and watch the brain grow. I had to use the word embryo with utero, but your childs not an embryo.

Mousie Marc

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