Wednesday, August 14, 2013

facial recognition software

Today on MSN I read that pay pal is perfecting software so that shoppers don't need a wallet. No Physical ID. Just their smart phone, and their face. At limited (for now) retailers they can check out getting their face scanned. The ease and convenience of this for some is obvious. However, the potential for abuse is daunting to think about. Even if you believe that government and business entities will only use this for good (I DON'T HAVE SUCH FAITH) the risk one is exposed to from genius criminals is unprecedented. If they could manipulate the system to steal your facial records, make their face your face in databases, exc. The results of such malicious behavior is limited only by the mind of those willing to commit such acts. Pay Pal expects this to be the method of payment for many by 2016. Read article here

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