Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday, or Super depressing

Well looks like Mitt Romney is pulling away ever so slightly in the Republican presidential nomination. My wife keeps pestering me about calling this guy or that guy to get x, y and z done around the house. All I can think about is that The Ron Paul ship looks sunk. Heck I opted not to go to my sons last soccer event (thus making him miss it as well) just so I could go to the washington state caucus since my state opted not to have a primary. We only had a two hour window to be there, and my county is about 70% Ron Paul supporters. We went just to learn that even though Paul was kicking huge booty in my county he still might not get the majority of my county's delegates. See we have an automatic delegates that are assigned by precinct. Ours was a Santorum supporter even though santorum represented less than 10% of the caucus members in my area. Santorum automatically gets one of our areas delegates. Paul killed in our straw poll. Yet it doesn't look like he will get the delegates. Heck even John Stewart likes Paul. Everyone knows Paul has the best chance of beating Obama (even among Romeny and santorum supporters).

I was at a table at my local caucus with 7 other Paul supporters, 4 Romney and one santorum (though the Santorum supporter was an automatic delegate out of 4 total). So here I am amongst Paul supporters all saying they didn't think he would get the nomination (I don't either). Then, the mother statement came from one of them, "We have to support whoever gets the nomination to get Obama out of there." RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT (envision braking suddenly going at 100 plus MPH). I looked at them all and stated, "I can't do that. Not one of these other candidates holds the principals that Dr. Paul does." They really all are Obama light. Romney passed Romney care. Oh ya, that guy is not going to get rid of Obama's healthcare bill. Gingrich and Santorum are front men for the fed pure and simple. Paul is the only one who would cut the size of the federal government. He is the only candidate who can restore constitutional values. The rest of them are like switching from non filtered cigarettes to filtered cigarettes. Your still going to die from cancer. The only difference is that by voting for Romney you get to FEEL better about yourself. Truth, your voting for Obama light.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I'll either write in "Ron Paul" or "Jesus Christ".

It'll be a cold August day in Phoenix (a.k.a. "hell") before I'll ever again vote the "lesser of two evils".

I saw an article earlier today on some website that indicated a great many Ron Paul supporters feel the way I do.

I'll not vote "A-hole Lite".

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

mousiemarc said...

Ya, when I heard these Paul supporters say that I wanted to vomit. To vote for Paul, understand what he stands for, and then say, "Well when he doesn't get the nomination I'll back the Republican candidate because we can't have Obama." That kind of thinking is why this country is in the shape it's in. Trading one ASSHOLE for another doesn't solve anything. As a matter of fact saying you support Ron Paul values and then saying you'll vote for one of those guys in November is disgusting to me. Dr. Paul won't back them. I know what he'll do. He will back either the constitution party candidate or the libertarian candidate. My guess is he will back the constitution party candidate. The only way one could truly throw their vote away is to not vote for the candidate that supports their values.