Friday, May 14, 2010

Desert Island Play List.

Now if I were stuck on a desert island I would also want my Waylon Jennings Greatest with me, and I would have to add in Blues Traveler four. There is of course a CPE Bach string quartet that I picked up some years back that is so beautiful it almost makes you wonder why his dad is more popular. The Johnny Cash album is riveting and full of love and emotion for God, and it often takes my thoughts to biblical passages. Journey is a fav of mine always, Sam Cookes music just speaks to me. Miles Davis album is just classic, and the aaron copeland pieces are pure entertainment. Plus Copelands fanfare for the common man is whats being played as I kiss this world goodbye. After all it is a desert Island.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

You kinda jumped the gun by a couple of days, but that's cool. (I suspect maybe you wouldn't be able to post on Monday.)

Not sure why you didn't include photos of the Waylon, Blues Traveler, and CPE Bach String Quartet as well, but that's cool, too. (Heck, it's YOUR list.)

But I do wish you would link this to the list of FFIF participants on Arlee Bird's 'Tossing It Out' blog, so that others who are playing will get a chance to see your list as well.

Thanks for going along with it, Bro.

~ Stephen
"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly."
~ Proverbs 26:11

jzrpilot said...

Marc -

I can't argue with some of the albums you've chosen. Of course, I can't argue at all... because it is YOUR island.

Although none of yours would make my top 15, some of the discs you've chosen are great to my ears and close to being thrown in my lifeboat. In particular, the Sinatra, Miles Davis, and Journey discs. They would certainly make my top 50.

As for Waylon, Cash, or Blues Traveler... meh. Not so much! In fact, I'd almost pay NOT to have country on my island! I have a Johnny Cash's greatest hits album, and that one is pretty good, but it has all the stuff everyone liked best.

I've not heard the CPE Bach, but I'll put it on my listen list. I have a Bach disc set on my list, but it is J.S. I could not go a lifetime without Bach!

Thanks for the list!

Mr. Paulboy #6

PS- Stephen has his blogger comment section set up to accept any yahoo that comes along and wants to comment. To post this one here, I had to create a Google account! I say, let the masses speak, unspied on by Big Google!