Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The global empire, Big government and war sucks

Over the past year and a half I have listened closely to two nursing colleagues I have. Both came immigrated legally from Bosnia during their civil war. I have heard stories of economic collapse, wheel barrels full of money to buy food, getting drinking water from a polluted stream, and many more.

This blog will be short and I will only high light some of the things I've heard from my two bosnian friends. I will not reveal their names but will only list quotes they've said that found a place in my mind over the past year and a half.

"This is what happened to us a few years before everyone lost everything. I want to sell my house and have nothing so they can't take anything from me." November Prior to McCain/Obama election. She was speaking of the housing crash and the declining dollar.

"Oh no their not stupid. Once the money does down far enough they just start putting a one on it again." When I thought out loud and on how our government was going to print 1 billion on our bills. In Bosnia a bill would be 1 billion of their version of a dollar. Ya know when their version of one actual dollar a few years prior actually had some value.

"They used to cut the womens babies from their stomach, and throw the infant into the river. They would than cut the womens breasts off and leave her to die." When discussing the war in Bosnia.

Both of these individuals came to the United States seeking safety, and economic stability. What happens when we fall? Where will people run to? If the communist/fascist systems of the world worked so well in the past, why are people still running here? Even in our dilapidated state we are still the only place in the world people turn to for help. We still have in our history the pillars of freedom. The pillars of Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Maybe those who think socialism and big government are the way should go visit those families in Bosnia. Maybe they should listen to some of the stories I've heard.

It has taken me over three years just to get what I have written here. Talking about this is not easy for those who have witnessed it. I pray that none of this happens on our soil. However, it is us the citizens of the U.S.A who have to make sure of that.

As many line up at their ballot boxes voting for slavery. I wonder if they truly understand what they are doing? My guess is no.

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