Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Where do Barack Obama and John McCain look for guidance? Karl Marx of course. Listen to what economist Thomas DiLorenzo says... ”Americans will decide next week whether the next president will be a socialist or a national socialist. Lest you think I exaggerate, consider McCain’ campaign theme of “country first” before everything else – your private life, your job, your children, your education, your marriage, everything. Ask yourself how this differs from the philosophy of German fascism, which preached “the common good comes before the private good” (see Paul Lensch, Three Years of World Revolution). Or consider the fact that McCain supported the Wall Street Plutocrat Bailout Bill. A defining characteristic of fascism was that all profits were private, but losses were socialized. And oh yes, military imperialism (a.k.a., “national greatness conservatism”) and a dictatorial executive were also key features of European fascism. Recall that McCain promised that if elected (paraphrasing), “I will order the Secretary of the Treasury to buy up all of the foreclosed mortgages.” Is that really a part of the delegated powers in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S.Constitution?

Then there is Comrade Obama, who has announced that he wants to “change the world” by “spreading the wealth.” Didn’t Marx and Engels say the same thing in 1848? As is well known, Obama has long had a close association with ACORN, the far-left political organization that employed him as its legal counsel in Chicago. It is ACORN-style “community organizing” that Obama claims is his political forte and qualification for running for president. He boasts of having worked with ACORN to register tens of thousands of new voters and has defended the organization against all critics. It is safe to assume that there must be a congruence of interests between Obama and ACORN.”Phil Hensley Jr. sums it up best here...“Every four years we hear the same crap from the two major party candidates. But the reality is if McCain wins, government is going to get bigger and more powerful. If Obama wins, government is going to get bigger and more powerful. “Conservative” radio hosts are going crazy over Obama’s “redistribution of wealth” comments, and showing concern for Obama’s supposed disrespect for the Constitution. So what if Obama wants to redistribute wealth. Republicans have been doing it for decades, just to different groups. Republicans aren’t really opposed to redistribution of wealth, they just want it redistributed to people that vote for Republicans. Look at all the wealth that has been redistributed to senior citizens, car manufacturers, and wall street banks over the past eight years, six of which happened under a Republican President that had a Republican-controlled Congress.Where were all the defenders of the Constitution hiding then?”Americans are up in arms fighting amongst themselves. Democrats vs.Republicans - did it ever occur to anyone that Democrats and Republicans are on the same team?

Source: http://www. chuckypita. com/barack-obamas-redistribution-of-wealth-how-is-john-mccain-any-different-socialist-or-national-socialist/Stop supporting evil, unjust war, and socialism!CHUCK BALDWIN FOR PRESIDENT!!!WWW. BALDWIN08. COM

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Stephen T. McCarthy said...

In Mousiemarc (a.k.a. Br'er Marc) we have someone who GETS IT! An American citizen, NOT an Americonned citizen.

I think you should give this Blog Bit a title. What is it with you and the non-titled pieces? I'm going to start calling you "Br'er Untitled."

And you should call me sometime. Best times?...

7:00 P.M. or later (my time), Tuesdays through and including Saturdays.

(Any other times or days, I might or might not answer the phone.)

By the way, you've got another Blog Bit further down - from quite a while ago - that never got a title either. It cries out for one, Br'er!

Very, very good post, Marc!
You voting for Baldwin? I would if I thought he had any better chance than Ron Paul does, but since he doesn't, and since I know of many people who will be writing in Paul's name on their ballot, I'm doing the same. I think it will send a stronger message than just one more vote for some "Other" candidate.

But I'll almost certainly be voting for THE CONSTITUTION PARTY's candidate four years from now... if the country lasts that long. (I voted for TCP's Michael Peroutka the last time.)

<"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
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