Sunday, September 14, 2008

Toys Of Tyranny

Toys of Tyranny
I got up this morning as I usually do to go to work. 4:50 AM, wake up, get ready, get in the car and head to work. I was listening to the radio and on Sundays there's really nothing on (shocker). However, this paticular Sunday I was most amazed at the subject matter. A group of experts were discussing childrens toys. Sounds boring I know but check this out. One paticular expert (if memory serves me correctly it was a psychologist and educator) was discussing how modern toys DON'T stimulate our childrens imagination and in fact do THE OPPOSITE. See the toys of yester-year (legos, blocks, and the such) stimulated the imagination to create and to individualize. This expert was saying (to sum it up) that in fact modern toys only do one thing, and that the child often only has to push a button, or can ONLY use the toy in a certain predesigned way. This expert was saying that this is teaching our children to be PASSIVE and NOT THINK for themselves; and in fact this was a paticular form molding to think along a certain way.

No this expert didn't belong to any group; this was just a concerned educator who was saying it the way it is. She went on to say that these toys are better suited for a DESPOTIC government and not a free nation. This is not something I thought about before (not conerning toys anyway). Are our children being manipulated to think along a certain passive, go with the flow, and don't think philosophy? I know what I think.... How about you?
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